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Manabi uses research-backed adaptive learning techniques so you can learn at your own best speed. Learn new words, and Manabi will make them stick.

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🆕 Try the Manabi Reader companion app

🆕 Try the Manabi Reader companion app

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Manabi optimizes what and when you learn to make the most of your time. With its state-of-the-art spaced repetition algorithm, it'll remind you to review cards right as you're likely to forget them to maximize efficiency. If you fall behind, Manabi prioritizes the highest-impact cards rather than guilt-trip you about it.


Learn more than just "the answers". Example sentences from native speakers on Twitter and Weblio are pulled in automatically, as well as relevant StackExchange Q&A. Just scroll down on a card to learn more and make those memories more vivid so that they stick!


Users can share decks for others to subscribe to, with automatically-synced updates. Manabi is a community of Japanese learners, and comes with handy pre-built decks out-of-the-box.


One of the best ways to learn Japanese is by reading native materials. Use our companion app, Manabi Reader, for one-touch dictionary look-ups that let you seamlessly add flashcards into Manabi for the words you come across.

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